Grillin’ like a villain

Ezra talks about the curious nature of work on the commune, and how sometimes it feels real (as in difficult and potentially undesirable) and other times it feels great (like when he gets to grill meat). Also details of how the Twin Oaks grilling situation has improved over the last year.

Running in ZK

So, you know the deal, we get labor credits for all of the “commune useful” things we do, one hour of credit for every hour worked, all that good stuff.  Some of what I do definitely feels like work.  Indexing feels like work, especially on a sunny spring day.  Gardening, when it’s unpleasantly cold or hot, feels like work.  Loading the tofu truck feels like work.  Some things are “work,” but don’t feel entirely worklike:  hanging out with my kids, gardening when the weather is pleasant, delivering the tofu once it’s loaded.

Which brings me to cooking.  I cook at least once nearly every week I’m on the farm.  Sometimes, when the weather is lovely or I’m feeling uninspired, cooking feels like an “I’d rather be somewhere else” job.  Most of the time, it feels like “well, I gotta be doing something, and this is pretty enjoyable” work.  Sometimes, it…

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