Manager-Planner System

Another entry from Zoe Raizen’s blog about how the decision making system at Twin Oaks works.

This is a Blog About Twin Oaks

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At Twin Oaks, there are different teams for specific work areas (tofu team, dairy team, etc.) and each team has a manager. The managers are empowered to make decisions for their own work area. If someone isn’t happy with a manager’s decision, that decision can be challenged. First, the unhappy individual can choose to go directly to the manager to try to reach some sort of compromise. If this doesn’t yield the desired result, the individual goes to the council of that work area (ex: Agriculture Council if the decision was made by the garden manager).

The decision-making structure at Twin Oaks is designed so that the whole community should reach a consensus on a matter. This means that everyone should agree on a decision and if someone doesn’t agree, then the community should try to change their mind. But because humans are often stubborn, this isn’t always the case…

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