Sicks silver lining

i caught the bug which has been raging around the commune last night.  I threw up a couple of times, and felt poorly for some hours.  And i am blessed with a strong constitution and we running basically at full strength this morning.

Willow at Ripley WV fair, circa 2012

Willow at Ripley WV fair, circa 2012

What surprised me was Willow’s response.  i am so rarely sick, i had not seen him move into this caretaker mode.  Asking me if i wanted vitamin C or Epson salts.  Suggesting that i lay down and take it easy.  Offering to get me a glass of water.

Our interactions are more often male to male patterned: sarcastic, cutting, wrestling.  This was a bit of an eye opening moment, that he cares for my welfare and is more complex than i was paying attention to.

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One response to “Sicks silver lining”

  1. Eman says :

    Well of course he cares. You’re one of his parents and if something’s wrong with you, he’s going to want to do everything he can to get you well. I’ve been the same way with an aunty of mine who was alway more like my sister. But any time she needed a shoulder to cry on or wasn’t well, I was there no matter what.
    It’s good that he’s like this. He’s growing up into an amazing young man. I think bcus he’s had amazing examples of how to be and also how not to be. It’s a blessing from the Gods and Goddesses and Universe. 🙂

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