One Shirt for Two Television Shows

i am not much of a fashion person.  i can go long periods without looking in a mirror.  One of the advantages of living in the commune is no one seems to care (except perhaps Bochie) that i almost never comb my hair.  Last Wednesday i agreed to go to  Charlottesville to do a filming of a couple of TV shows for the All Things Green on reactors and North Anna specifically.  So i went up to Commie Clothes and grabbed a respectable looking button down shirt.  Which Willow laughed at just moments after i took it “you look weird in a real shirt”.  They said the shows will be aired in July.

Willow Circa Beltane 2013
Willow Circa Beltane 2013

Ali was handling the NBC TV 29 visit to Twin Oaks for a 90 second piece they were doing on our 46th Anniversary.  Since i already had a TV ready shirt, i jumped in and did part of the interview.

NBC 29 TV show on Twin Oaks

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