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This is my favorite Richard Nixon quote, because by using the passive voice there is no one to blame.

So here is the quiz question.  Why would this yogurt container filled with toothbrushes have this sign on it?  Everyone reading it understands it immediately.  i await your answer in the comments section.  BUT dont answer if you have ever lived in a commune.

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9 responses to “Commune Quiz picture”

  1. Rambling says :

    Using someone else toothbrush on accident?

  2. Amy Borla says :

    LOL! This is hilarious! I’m disqualified, but I’d love to hear others’ answers!

  3. Vermin F. Cockwolf says :

    People grabbed what they thought was theirs from the wrong cubby?

  4. gskabes says :

    Some horrible bug was flying around so everyone got new toothbrushes in an attempt to stop the spread of disease?

  5. Kenna J Josephene says :

    I think it means the toothbrushes had had something untoward accidentally done to them by people who weren’t their owners. Perhaps they were used by the wrong person or for the wrong purpose. Now, all they are good for is cleaning grout. Clever and cute.

  6. Scott Busby says :

    I think many people forget and leave their toothbrushes in the bathroom.

  7. sarahtaub says :

    Disqualified from answering, but laughing my ass off ….

  8. paxus says :

    So what really happened is that someone did a deep clean of the bathroom and all the toothbrushes were removed from their positions on the long rack and put together in this yogurt container and then the person who did the cleaning realized that almost all of them had no names on them and thus could not be returned to their correct position. So members would have to identify their own and return them to the correct spot. “Mistakes were made”

  9. Richard Goodman says :

    He had a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease and wanted to warm others that [someone] had erred because “mistakes were made.” This is a very well-known grammatical construction used especially by public speakers (politicians). It is called the “non-indicative fricative.”

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