Guess that baby!

One of the strange games the commune plays around when babies are born, in which you can actually win the baby as the prize.

Running in ZK

So, as you’ve probably heard by now, we’ve got a new baby at Twin Oaks.  I’m quite happy for Rosie & Elspeth that they’ve produced a brand new wee one, and quite pleased with myself for having become a grandfather.  You see, although Rosie actually gave birth to the baby, technically that cute little bundle o’ love belongs to my son Sami.

Yup, you read that right.  One of our curious Twin Oaks customs, which has been going on for years and years, is “Guess that baby.”   Here’s how it works: sometime in the last month of pregnancy, the expectant parent(s) put up a homemade calendar,  sometimes with holidays and due dates highlighted, in ZK.  Everyone is then welcome to make a guess as to the date and time the baby will be born.  In the case of our most recent addition, we were also encouraged to speculate as…

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