Heartwarming Kid Quotes

Sometime it is not what you know, but what you dont know which defines your experience of the world. Welcome to the curious world of Twin Oaks kids, who are not like the ones that surround them in the mainstream.

Running in ZK

Here are some wonderful things I’ve heard kids say in the past couple days:

After being told that his friend could not play because he was busy taking a test, VA’s evaluation for home schooled students, Izzy (age 5) asked, “What’s a test?

After hurting a friend and seeing him cry, Linus (age 2) ran up for a hug saying, “Hug! Happy!” Unfortunately, Finley was not particularly excited about the hug either.

Sami (age 8) was listening in on some grown-ups discussing the better places in town to use free internet. To understand what was being talked about, he had to ask, “What’s McDonald’s?”

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