Happy In(ter)dependence Day!

Rayne introduces some community philosophy about holidays. It is perhaps worthy of note that Valerie who appears in an American Flag bikini top is actually Canadian.

Running in ZK

The founders of Twin Oaks had the intention of creating a culture that was divergent from mainstream American culture.  One of the ways that this shows up for us now is in the holidays that Twin Oaks celebrates.  Like mainstream America, Twin Oaks gives its members “paid” time off on certain days of the year, usually in the form of six free “holiday” hours.  But instead of celebrating just the nationally recognized holidays (which tend to be patriotic and Christian), Twin Oaks celebrates a mixture of national holidays, pagan holidays, and holidays specific to Twin Oaks.  Depending on the holiday budget each year, we generally have free hours on New Year’s Day, Validation Day (Feb. 14th), Beltane (May 1st), Anniversary (of Twin Oaks founding; June 16th), Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and maybe a few other holidays.  On these big holidays, we generally have some sort…

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