Orson Scott Card won’t get a cent from me

Like Angie, i am a big fan of the Orson Scott Card books (i actually liked the Alvin Maker series of magical antebellum historical rewrites even better than Enders Game). But i will join this boycott. You can get his books at the library, you can rip his movie from Pirate Bay and should encourage your Card fan friends to do the same. It pains me that a guy with so much imagination is so intolerant. And the irony of him requesting tolerance when he offers none is precious.

boycott cardIt is also worthy of note, that a similar fan boycott of Cards scheduled Superman comic (digital and paper) ended up killing the project when the artist bailed.  Boycotts work, get involved.

Or as ever clever Jaz suggests:

Another suggestion, for those of you who want to see the movie: pay for another movie – maybe one that you’ve already seen and liked, or that you want to do well – and then just head into the theater that’s playing Ender’s Game.

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7 responses to “Orson Scott Card won’t get a cent from me”

  1. Jaz says :

    Another suggestion, for those of you who want to see the movie: pay for another movie – maybe one that you’ve already seen and liked, or that you want to do well – and then just head into the theater that’s playing Ender’s Game.

  2. cellorelio says :

    “…it is absurd to claim that these constitutions require marriage to be defined in ways that were unthinkable through all of human history until the past 15 years.”

    Well, first, he is ignorant and has apparently never studied human history, or at least that of its cultures. Recognizing the sanctity of connubial relationships of same-sex couples has been a standard practice in more than a few societies throughout history. Our commodifying of such unions, however, is a much more recent notion.

    “…their decisions are striking down laws enacted by majority vote.”

    Right. Exactly what that tyrannous Supreme Court was created by those fascistic Founding Fathers to do. Like they did with slavery.

    “…we were repeatedly told by all the proponents of gay rights that they would never attempt to legalize gay marriage.”

    Uh, I’ve been an active part of that movement for a few decades, and I don’t recall us ever declaring such nonsense.

    “And you can guess how long it will now take before any group that speaks against “gay marriage” being identical to marriage will be attacked using the same tools that have been used against anti-abortion groups — RICO laws, for instance.”

    Yes, yes they will. Those anti-gay marriage groups that surreptitiously use funds to subvert the democratic process and to fund violence, like bombing medical facilities, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law–like terrorist groups are supposed to.

    “I will talk seriously and candidly about the state of scientific research on the causes of homosexuality, and the reasons why homosexuality persists even though it does not provide a reproductive advantage.”

    And, while you’re at it, please discuss the overwhelming conclusion by a whole host of continuing scientific research that proves our overpopulation of this planet is doing irreparable damage to its ability to support life on it.

    I couldn’t bring myself to read any more of this intellectually stunted person’s ranting.

  3. PJ says :

    In a world filled with countless options for entertainment, it is no skin off my nose if this guy wants to tag his work with intolerance and hypocritial nonsense. I’ll just pick of these other million books or movies to spend my money on…

  4. Arvin says :

    If I boycotted everything written or produced by an author who had an opinion I disagree with, I would read or watch very few things indeed. So I just keep reading or watching what I like, and praise good works for what they are, rather than expecting authors to pass a litmus test on every issue that’s important to me.

    Embrace diversity, folks.

    • paxus says :

      Dearest Arvin:

      i certainly read things from people who disagree with me. And people who are pushing agendas that i find repugnant are candidates for boycott. It is about changing culture, to make it less socially acceptable to maintain homophobic (sic) beliefs. Just as protests helped enact civil and womens rights, striking against card will help accelerate marriage equity and other rights for the queer community. Rights that are human rights and should not be denied because the Christians dont happen to like them.

    • PJ says :

      Embracing diversity is essential to any healthy culture. Embracing hatred, ignorance, and naked oppression is the surest way to destroy one.

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