Cheesecake Feedback

My co-dad gets a bit of old fashioned community process. With a new twist.

Running in ZK

At Twin Oaks there are a number of formalized processes for confronting issues that come up regarding specific members. One of these is a ‘community feedback,’ in which a meeting is open to all members of the community to share concerns about a specific member. While they can be brought forth by any member concerned about another’s behavior, feedbacks are often called automatically by policy in certain situations, such as having a negative labor balance for too long or not adhering to provisions of a personal behavior contract. While innocuous-sounding in name, they are generally a pretty stressful event for the focus person and other involved parties. It’s a chance for any members to call out, face-to-face and in front of the community, pretty much anything they take issue with.

Now imagine how Sky must have felt hearing that his provisional membership period would be concluded with a community feedback…

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