Richmond Magazine names Twin Oaks a “Great Place to Live”

“Why do you use words like ‘propaganda’?” The reporter asked earnestly.  With some regularity i refer to myself as the self appointed Minster of Propaganda.

“Because i want your best thinking and your best questions.” i reply equally earnestly.

Propagandists are people who are trying to get you to change your mind.  Unlike a religious ministers or proper ideologues, i don’t pretend i have any monopoly on the truth.   If someone is on their guard, thinking that you are trying to convince them of something, they work doubly hard to find the weakness in your presentation and arguments.  i find this improves my case.


Richmond Magazine came out a few months ago and wrote a lovely puff piece about Twin Oaks (with brief mentions of Acorn and LEF).  Here is the link.  I was especially pleased when i discovered we were part of their cover story featuring great places to live in the Richmond area.

i spoke to the pleasant reporter for over an hour and i am always curious what pieces of what i say they find interesting.  This time (perhaps because of the theme of great places) it was about the commune largely being recession proof.

As a commune, Twin Oaks operates on vastly different economic principles than the country as a whole. Perhaps at no time was that more evident than during the economic meltdown of a few years ago. For Twin Oaks residents, the recession went virtually unnoticed.

“Nothing changed,” says Paxus, Twin Oaks’ marketing manager. “Not a single person had to worry about not having a job. Everybody knew they would have their medical costs covered. Everybody knew they would have a car if they wanted to go someplace. Everybody knew there would be food and clothing and housing and all of it.”

Paxus noted that by husbanding resources, by planning for the ups and downs of the business cycle, by paying careful attention to the operation of its businesses, and by sharing its income communally, Twin Oaks had been prepared for the recession in ways that many in the outside world were not.


i misidentified this visitor as “Pablo Fuliano” for Richmond Magazine

One of the funnier things about this article is that at last minute fact checking i was asked to name someone who i did not know in a picture.  So i used the commune generic last name “Fulano”, which in my classical dyslexic style misspelled for them.

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7 responses to “Richmond Magazine names Twin Oaks a “Great Place to Live””

  1. Mothrah says :

    Forgive me, but what is “husbanding resources”? Every image I have conjured has been absurd?

  2. paxus says :

    i dont actually think i said this, But it does make sense – husbanding is: conserve, budget, use sparingly, save, store, hoard, economize on, use economically, manage thriftily

    So husbanding [of] resources would be using them frugally

  3. Renny says :

    Puff piece or no, the article rings many bells for me as I was fortunate to be a guest for three really amazing days last month. In my frequent descriptions of my experience to people I know in the “outside” world, I’ve noticed a high level of curiosity and a null level of hostility or antipathy. So, thanks to all Twin Oakers, those I met and those I didn’t, for sharing your home with me and letting me have the opportunity to put in my tiny contribution in the garden, picking beans and thinning carrots.

    • paxus says :

      Perhaps “puff piece” is inappropriate. As a recruiter for the commune we live in dread of the NYTimes treatment. Where the reporter comes in, has a wonderful time, tells us how much they love the place and then goes back and write a total slam piece.

      The reason it feels a bit puffy to me is that i know i talked witht he reporter about much more heavy things than got covered. About how the community is a model which addresses climate change. How our only chance to deal with peak oil and resource distribution shortages is to export sharing models. About polyamory and radical family models.

      And perhaps they know their audience much better than i do and this is not what they are interested in.

      • Renny says :

        Since the reporter and editors of Richmond Magazine filtered out serious stuff “About how the community is a model which addresses climate change. How our only chance to deal with peak oil and resource distribution shortages is to export sharing models. About polyamory and radical family models.” then yeah “puff piece” isn’t inappropriate. And I acknowledge filtering my conversations with people about my guest experience, based on what I figured would be distracting or more serious issues than I, or they, wished to get into in a casual conversation. My take is that for many mainstream folks (including myself), getting an understanding of the basis of Twin Oaks is not easy and takes some effort.

  4. Ali says :

    hehehe “Pablo Fuliano”

  5. Lindsey V from the April-May visitor period says :

    That’s Dan V from the April-May visitor period.

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