i need a room

Okay, i admit it.  i’ve been without a room now for about a year, and when i had one before it was mostly filled with my guests.  And at some point i will move back into Tupelo (after a typical complex room shuffle with uncertain dates in it) and i will probably again mostly use it for guests.  But it has gotten to the point where i actually have to confess that the carefully crafted alternative to having a room that i cobbled together has crumbled apart.

More room needed

More room needed

At first it was easy, Puck was a dual member between Acorn and Twin Oaks and he was unusually generous with his rooms, i could almost always stay in the one he was not in and he travels almost as much as i do.  Plus my romantic connections at the time had rooms where i was most welcome to stay the night, most nights.  But Puck moved back to Twin Oaks and the fairs season (which he oft traveled during) is over and my on the farms romances have shifted and often the end of the day comes and i dont have a place to sleep.

i am not asking for sympathy, this is totally a situation of my own creation.  When i joined Acorn i was very clear i wanted to be a member without a room.  i had happily been an Oaker without a room for many months, why would i need one at Acorn?

Well things change.  i have a few things which would like there own space, rather than just cluttering up Willows closet in Morningstar.  I have this cool new picture which needs a wall to hang on.  And i will confess not knowing where i am going to sleep for days on end gets a bit old.

where can i sleep

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6 responses to “i need a room”

  1. anissa ljanta says :

    1) It happens to the best of us, 2) I think your definition of minimalist is pretty low on the minimalist scale and 3) I hope a room materialises for you soon. The couch in ZK is no place to take a date. x

  2. Keenan Dakota says :

    What??! You should be grateful! Most nights you have been able to sleep in a bed. A bed! With pillows! Why would you need a room? It is a sign of close mindedness to need walls around you to be able to sleep. And a floor is just an exceptionally large and firm bed. It’s easy to invite close friends to share a floor with you–always plenty of extra room! That’s right–lots of “room.” Isn’t that what you are bellyaching about not having? There is, in this world, plenty of “room.” It is a “roomy” world.

    You call yourself a radical; you claim to be a minimalist and now your bourgeois affectation rears its true colors like a lame horse. All I a can say is that my illusions are shattered and I am deeply disappointed. Sigh… Writing this has worn me out. I’m going to my room now to take a nap.

  3. Rambling says :

    You should get one of those roll out futons and sleep in someone’s room. I wish I had one when I slept on the hardwood floor with my cat after his major surgery.

  4. richard w. lisko says :

    is anyone in my old room in the barn? that space was totally empty back in the day because of the ghost of the suicide who haunted the space. except for one morning when i woke up slimed with ectoplasm, she mostly left me alone.
    i know how it feels pax. i still spend six months of the year without a room. atleast the communards are not likely to call a cop if they see you sleeping around, though i do remember a dickhead at oaks named alex who became problematic.
    looking on the bright side i call that state of being homefree. sounds nicer than homeless

  5. bob says :

    Roomlessness is hardly homelessness. Walls are not required but a soft nest in which one can lay down to sleep is nice.

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