The Trout Doctrine

Acorn decided to buy a house for $100K tonight.  It is halfway between Twin Oaks and Acorn and a short walking distance from the 100-acre Lawson land property that Twin Oaks owns and is the center of much of our seed growing business efforts.  This property was listed 4 days ago, and Acorn moved very quickly to make a decision about this before we lost it to 3 other bidders.

This is unusually fast for a major decision like this, but it reflects the desire of Acorn to expand its horizons and fundamentally sign on to what is now being called “The Trout Doctrine.”  In its pithy entirety, the Trout Doctrine is More Beds Under Roofs.  At Acorn this is not a frivolous point, as currently there are perhaps a dozen people living outside in tents.  None of them are actually members of the community, they are interns and visitors and guests and some persons with special poorly defined relationships with the community.  And it does not feel right to the community to have such substandard housing for so many people who are part of what we are doing.

Paxus Doctrine - More Beds Under Roofs in Trees

Paxus Doctrine – More Beds Under Roofs in Trees

I am doing my part by continuing to push the treehouse agenda.  i am quite pleased with the way Stardust turned out which is the fully enclosed treehouse which Pilgrim honchoed the completion of when he was here most recently (along with a bunch of safety upgrades and several tin roofs being added to the existing tree houses).  The Stardust name comes from Pilgrims visionary Stardust Sustainability Center in Ecuador.

What is interesting about Acorn’s decision process is we know what we can’t do.  We can’t design a total plan for a new community to spring from this property in 100 hours.  We can pull together resources from a bunch of different places and agree that this is close enough to what we are sure of AND that we trust ourselves to all agree on something in the coming few weeks.  We agreed that for the short term, this building would just be another residence of Acorn’s,  just a few miles down the road.  In 18 months, we will likely agree to it being its own community.

Frankly, i am proud of us.  There was an unusually good opportunity and even though the details are still far from completely worked out, there is trust in the process that every voice will get heard; every concern will get some attention (and many of them resolution).  We took 30 voices and created a single song.  And we own a building now.  It opens powerful possibilities and was more than a bit daring.

or at least a functioning alternative to capitalism

or at least a functioning alternative to capitalism

[Edited by Judy Youngquest]

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12 responses to “The Trout Doctrine”

  1. tickledspirit says :

    WOW — big news! I’m excited to see how it unfolds!

  2. Mary says :

    Wow, I’m seriously inspired and impressed by this post! Sounds like some magic is happening at Acorn these days. ❤ Mary

  3. evolutiongal says :

    Wow, I’m seriously inspired and impressed by this post. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like some magic is happening at Acorn these days.

  4. richard w. lisko says :

    i have a hard time understanding it as an alternative to capitalism, though i do see it as a side of capitalism that isn’t necessarily exploitative.

  5. Arvin says :

    Why not simply build more housing right on Acorn’s site? Won’t a house a few miles offsite inevitably lead to more car trip and be inconvenient for those who live there?

    Or is the goal to cap Acorn’s population and for “excess” persons to move into the house?

    • paxus says :

      I think we will start communities on the land in the next 18 months. And this is a highly desirable property very near Lawson land and it will be very useful as part of our continued acquisition of land in this county.

  6. Logan Harris says :

    100 years from now, peope may look back and thank you for growing the place.

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