It is not lost

Perhaps it was last summer, in my previous room in Tupelo, after perhaps 6 months of other people guesting in my room fairly consistently, i went back to it to stay for a few days.  A fairly small amount of abandoned stuff showed up in the room including this bag.

man bag

man bag – circa 2013

It had gotten a bit moldy, so i was unsurprised when the most recent guests said they had no knowledge of it.  I figured if it was important to someone, if i wore it around the commune they would spot it.  So i cleaned it up, put a few handy things in it and started wearing it around.  This of course resulted in no one stepping forward and claiming the bag, tho several people commented on the dapper European “man bag” look i was donning.

It had handy things in it; i continued to carry it around having never really had a backpack or handbag that i dragged around in the past.

i am an unusually distracted and distractible person.  i am most interested in the current drama or possibility; i look for emergencies and oft step in when there is a useful place for me (even if i am over-committed to less pressing things which need my attention).  “Paxus is best in the first 24 hours,” Thomas said the other day, and i had not thought about it that way, but it is likely true.  Often when people ask me when is a good time to talk i quip:

There are only two times: now and not happening.

Given that choice almost everyone chooses now.  This also means i dash out of spaces a lot.  People joke about how long i will sit at the lunch table before i jump up to talk to the next person.  For me lunch is not a meal, it is a networking opportunity, if i get food that is great.  But what i really want is to see Willow and the people who can help me with the myriad other hanging items.

Correspondingly, i am constantly forgetting the above depicted handy bag.  And this is where the real advantage of living in this type of community comes in.  As long as i am at Acorn or Twin Oaks, if i leave the bag behind, even in highly trafficked public areas, it will stay put.

Pun (formerly Maddy), Amy, Fig and i put on an under-rehearsed version of “When Communes Fail.”  Which was 4 songs from “Jesus Christ Super Star,” with dramatic text read by ex-visitor Fig (short for Figment of your Imagination).  Pun was an animated and compelling Judas (who of course is right in his analysis, just like many of our friends scrambled in tactics).   i played Jesus and Simone Zealot.

Pun is often in a blur.

Pun is often in a blur.

So there is Kamikazi theatre, where you have one or two days to pull together rehearsals immediately before the performance.  Our crew felt this to be excessive rehearsing, so instead we printed the lyrics, largely ignored them, depended on our failed memories, cues from the audience and help from other actors to bumble thru the songs.  What we missed in precision we made up for with reckless enthusiasm.

This Jesus has a much better beard than i do

This Jesus has a much better beard than i do

Running around before the show i got up a blog post, did a pair of shuttle runs between Acorn and Twin Oaks (i do a lot of driving between these two places these days), talked for 10 minutes with Pun in the smoke shack, printed some of the lyrics, reenlisted some cautious singers and zipped thru a few buildings and vehicles.

Somewhere in there i misplaced the man bag.

One nice thing about living between these two communities, despite the tremendous traffic connected with the Communities Conference event, i was quite confident that wherever i had left it, i would find my drivers license, wallet, credit card, flashlight, markers and other valuable items.  it would not be stolen, nor even really lost.  It was just momentarily safely displaced.  [Turned out it was in the new seed office.]

[Edited by Judy Youngquest]

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a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

4 responses to “It is not lost”

  1. modok says :

    as one world-class juggler to another, do you really need another ball of this caliber in the air? just sayin’…

    • paxus says :

      i dont know, ihave mixed feeling about it. What is true is that my pockets are not big enuf for all the gadgets i seem to shleep around these days.

  2. karmakaskassia says :

    i believe the correct term is “man purse”. jes sayin.

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