Japan is Nuclear Free, again

A brief, dirty and biased history of the nuclear experience in Japan:

10 GW solar replaces about 3 reactors

10 GW solar replaces about 3 reactors

So if you read the above timeline you will notice a common thread.  Every time the utilities lose nuclear capacity they claim the country is facing blackouts or recession.  And then these blackouts and recessions do not occur.  Then the industry claims them again.  Nestled among the items here is the government’s repeal of the fantastically successful energy savings program.  So when they tell you in a panic that we must have these reactors, remember they are being coached by some of the highest paid PR people in the world, these things don’t come to pass and they depend on your ignorance of history and willingness to believe known liars to advance their agenda.

[Edited by Judy Youngquest]

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4 responses to “Japan is Nuclear Free, again”

  1. santalorena says :

    Excellent timeline! Thank you.

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