How to Tactfully Call Out Patriarchy

One uncomfortable part of changing culture is recognizing that our friends, family and co-workers occasionally say ugly and oppressive things. This is a highly practical short guide in how you can respond. We are well past grin and bare it, time for calling out and pushing back.

Disrupting Dinner Parties

We’ve all been there. When some person some place says something completely racist/sexist/abilist/xenophobic/so-damn-inappropriate-you’re-not-sure-how-they-made-it-this-far-in-life. Like that time you were having drinks with friends and someone made a rape joke. Or that cool time your Dad complained about the illegal immigrants who are taking his tax dollars. Or that awkward moment a senior level staff in your office discussed how she didn’t mean to be racist but she thinks that those African American mothers need to keep their knees closed.  (yes these are real life examples).

And in your mind, all you can think is…

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