Just another dinner shift…

X-member Clementine, now relocated at Tupelo North in Amherst MA blogs on the official TO blog about cooking and the need to bring unusual tools for a kitchen in to rescue here last meal.


One of the jobs I love most at Twin Oaks is cooking, and after years of making dinners in our industrial kitchen, I’ve pretty much lost the ability to prepare meals for fewer than, say, 35 people.When I’m off the farm and cooking just for me, I’ll look up from chopping to find that I’ve diced enough carrots for an entire platter, instead of just the one or two I’ll actually eat. Same goes for how big a hunk of meat to buy, the number of sweet potatoes to roast, or how many peppers go in the salad. When I’m at Twin Oaks, the answer to almost every food quantity question is: A lot. Sure, you can over-do it here (and its a bummer when food gets composted because too much was made), but, in general, Twin Oakers tend to measure ingredients by the bucket, rather than by the cup. As you…

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