Transformus: The 11th Principle

Our dear comrade M. Lunas goes into the details of how the original 10 principals of Burning Man have been amended to include a new one on Consent. THis detailed and well research post will take you into how funologists attempt to fix broken cultures to make events more as we would like them.

Disrupting Dinner Parties

11thprinciplelogo_250Discussions about consent often get really heavy. (I know I fall into that mode myself.) But do they have to be? How do you spread awareness of consent at a radical and playful event like Burning Man? And do we make a mistake when we keep the focus narrowly on sexual violence, without addressing all the ways, large and small, that our consent can be violated? This year at Transformus X, an new effort called the “11th Principle” set out to explore this, and in so doing not only did some really creative things, but also revealed tensions between consent culture and the principles of the Burn.

Transformus_logoTransformus is one of the more popular regional Burning Man festivals, held every year near Asheville, NC. (Though at ~2,000 people, it’s still less than 5% of the size of the “Big Burn” in Nevada each August that is the official “Burning Man.”) In…

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One response to “Transformus: The 11th Principle”

  1. Jade says :

    Great article. Just worked Tomorrow World. I think this festival could of used an 11th Amendment.
    As usual a provocative and talk inducing commentary.

    Keep it coming!

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