Office Goat and Virtual Volunteer

Goat inspects straw bale wall in new seed office

Goat inspects straw bale wall in new seed office.

goat flees photographer into seed building room ready for blow cellulose insulation

Goat flees photographer into seed building room ready for blow cellulose insulation.

Some offices have plants in them, a few have parakeets, yesterday we had an office goat.


So you want to help and you are far away, but you have a phone and a bit of time and are not afraid to talk with strangers?  We discovered just the way you might plug in.

We are building a giant straw bale wall in the new seed office and we are late in the year.  We have a couple lovely huge billboard tarps which are left over from the tree house project.  At some point in the near future we need to cover the exterior wall and heat the inside of the building to get moisture out of the bales and dry the various mud layers which go on the outside of the walls.  For this more billboard tarps would be perfect.

Years ago, we did the search for these by calling folks who sold billboard space and asked them where the billboards went when they died.  Then we called the billboard graveyard and figure out a way to rescue them before they were melted down.  This year our attempts to repeat this search approach have failed.

would you be our virtual worker?

Would you be our virtual worker?

Why billboard tarps?  They are made of a heavier gauge plastic than regular tarps, they are much larger than “purchase at the hardware store” regular tarps.  And last time we got them, if we were willing to pick them up, we could get them for $25 each, which is a real bargain.

So if you felt like you wanted to help Acorn advance the new seed office and get ahead on our efforts to recover from the arson, you could make a bunch of phone calls and rediscover a cooperative billboard tarp graveyard – ideally somewhere in Virginia that we could go rescue these precious treasures before they are destroyed.

If you have questions you can call me at 541-505-0803 or email at paxus at twinoaks dot org.  i would love to hear from you.

[Edited by Judy Youngquest]

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6 responses to “Office Goat and Virtual Volunteer”

  1. ted says :

    If you do find a source for billboard tarps can you please post/share the information. I would be very interested in some of my own.

  2. Keenan Dakota says :

    TARPS! Pax, you mispelled tarps twice! You really don’t want billboard “traps.” I have seen billboard traps. I wrote my thesis on the horrible evolution of billboard traps. Billboard traps can kill small children. Believe me, you do NOT want any billboard traps. Tarps, yes.

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