Some Feelings About ‘Same Love’

This is a rich complex blog post about the difficulties being an ally, mistakes easily made, what is useful and what is write. A great follow up to the post i wrote early on this song.

Disrupting Dinner Parties

Here’s the context of ‘Same Love,’ for those you living under rocks without access to the sweet internet nectar that is Tumblr:

Macklemore (a white, straight, cisgendered male from an educated upper-middle-class background) wrote this very pretty song about his support for same-sex marriage. It’s become a radio hit! Yay, Macklemore!

Members of the queer community have had mixed feelings about this song, including some very negative feelings. This in turn has caused other people to feel bewildered and/or outraged, prompting them to say “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US? STOP PICKING ON MACKLEMORE!”

More recently, Angel Haze, a queer woman of color, produced a remix of ‘Same Love’ that is about her experiences as a queer woman of color and her support for her community. If you haven’t heard it yet, HERE YOU GO. I picked this youtube video because it has the lyrics in the description. Read the…

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