reckless tattooing

One of the more famous crazy guests stories is about Ursula the Performing Bear.  Ursula was a human, who had a large bear head and certainly did perform both with it on and not.  But that is a different story.

it looked nothing like this

it looked nothing like this

Ursula had many talents, besides infuriating her hosts, by not leaving when she was asked to leave (but this is also another story).  She was quite an accomplished tattoo artist and did many free tattooing sessions while she was here.

She did one session with a member who i will call Jane.  Jane wanted a number of tattoos, and Ursula did them all.  And they were having such a good time, that they decided to continue.

Ursula:  What tattoos shall we do next?

Jane: Oh you decide

Ursula: Really ?!?

Jane: Sure

This is a conversation you are not supposed to have with a mentally unstable person with a tattoo gun in hand.  Ursula proceed to  put a giant tattoo on Jane’s fore arm, which looked vaguely like:

It was in heavier script

It was in heavier script – think lots of ink

The only thing was there was no Andrev in Jane’s life.  Nor had their ever been.  So now she had a monster large tattoo of a name that refers to no one. she knows.  Jane was unconcerned.  She herself was a bit neuro atypical.

Neuro Atypical warning

But Jane did have a boyfriend who was born named Steve.  But we had a Steve at Twin Oaks already, so he changed his name on arrival to Sven.  Which sort of worked and sort of did not work as a name for him.  When Sven saw the tattoo, he decided to change his name to Andrev and thus he would match the tattoo.

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4 responses to “reckless tattooing”

  1. moonraven222 says :

    That’s a great story!

  2. Scott Busby says :

    Steve (Andrev) sounds like a cool guy! I hope she finds many good Andrev’s in her life.

  3. Took says :

    i’ve only heard this story 1000 times. love you pax and this story it never gets boring

  4. Took says :

    Only heard it a bajillion times,but still love it.

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