The Acorn Arson Appeal

This Acorn’s first crowd source fund raising exercise.  We started not long after the fire, but it has been hard to prioritize working on it with everything else going on.  i enjoyed working with Belladonna Took, Irena and Ira on pulling this together.  It is the first appeal i have worked on with premiums (presents you get or donating money to your cause).  And while i did almost nothing with these premiums, it is perhaps the most interesting part of the application (especially if you read this blog already and know about the fire).

you could find yourself owning so strange and exotic art.

you could find yourself owning some strange and exotic art.

Our current guests Tamer and Armand shot and edited the video which is included in the crowd source appeal.  So here it is:

Acorn’s Post Arson Appeal

So here is what would be good.  Think for a few moments about someone who really likes the idea of community, but is perhaps not very well connected to them.  Especially if this person is financially successful, you should send them this link and encourage them to check it out.

the fire haunts several members

the fire haunts several members

We did extended check in’s this evening at the community meeting.  It was clear that while the fire is long out (6 weeks now) the disturbing psychological effects are still strong.  Several members reported regular furnace and fire checks on buildings.  Some are still unable to return to their rooms and sleep comfortably.  One members trust in strangers was shattered.

 a multithreaded response

a multi-threaded response

At the same time i am surprised by the communities resilience.    We have painted over a dozen rooms and are on the last two.  We have pulled up the burned or damaged floor boards and blown insulation for the new walls and floors.  Fixed the plumbing and re-sealed the building for heat.  Did i mention that we were simultaneously building a major straw bale demonstration wall on the new seed building.  We have multiple crews everyday, which are increasingly volunteers.

So plz re-post the appeal on your facebook wall, or blog about us.  Help us yourself if you can.  This is what you can do for the sustainability movement, right now.

Only $35 donation gets you  a signed copy of Ira's new book - a steal.

Only $35 donation gets you a signed copy of Ira’s new book – a steal.

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9 responses to “The Acorn Arson Appeal”

  1. Sarah and Cris Swanlund says :

    Paxus I would like to give some money to Acorn but I cannot see how to do on this website…do they have a paypal?

  2. Stefanie Maitri says :

    Where do I click to donate??

  3. paxus says :

    Dearest North Star:

    Acorn has a thriving seed business, this is absolutely true. We have also had 2 fires this year hitting us for over $150K. We

    • North Star says :

      Pax, my original post and part of your answer seem to be cut off. Anyway, first of all, I am NOT questioning that you have had two fires. Rather, I’m asking for a bit more disclosure since you’re asking for ten thousand, specifically about what exactly this money is for, why the successful seed business is not subsidizing the repairs, and what the other assets of Acorn are.

      • paxus says :

        Dearest North Star:

        i think i might have blown away your original comment by mistake when i started to reply to it. The successful seed business is subsidizing the repairs to this building. You can see from the Indiegogo posting that the $10K does not even cover the cost of the materials associated with the repair. There are also many thousands of dollars or labor associated with this work. Plus hundreds of hours lost of members (who would under other circumstances be working for that seed business) moving, cleaning, repairing etc. Plus the quite significant psychological costs which have translated into actual monetary costs, with people unable to work. Some members leaving for periods to get distance from the fire.

        We choose to ask for money just for physical things, because those are the easiest to describe to people. But the cost of the fires is far more than the replacement cost of the materials used to fix the building. And of course if you dont find these arguments compelling, you have no obligation to help us get back on our feet again. Fortunately for us, others seem open to being generous in this way.

        Paxus at Twin Oaks
        23 Piper Passing 2013

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