Instant Adventure

Karin wrote:  “I am starting to feel like a person who works too much and has become no fun whatsoever… I need an adventure! A really inexpensive one… One where I won’t be too cold for too long… Anyone?”

Karin as borg

Karin as borg

Lots of people wrote her back, because she is exceptionally lovely company, but my offer swayed her.

I wrote: “We would scoop you up in Boston on Friday, take you to North Hampton, Saturday NYC (and sleep no more if we can get you in), Sunday in Death City and Monday at the commune.”

And it almost went like that, except traffic and other distractions kept us out of North Hampton and we did not arrive at Acorn until after midnight on Monday.

We were collectively hypnotized by the two tiny kids.

We were collectively hypnotized by the two lovely kids.

Just outside NYC, we stayed with Teagan and Arrow, , who were fantastic hosts because along with the comfortable place to stay they were engaging company.  Arrow is deep into expanding and developing the TriState biodiesel company he founded and runs. Expansion means the network has grown to 5000 clients from whom they pick up used cooking oil and convert it into vehicle fuel.  Developing means they are heading towards fuels grown from algae.

We inspected open source 3 D printers which use almond paste as their media shown off by their not-quite mad scientist friend.  We fell in love with Teagan and Arrow’s charming kids Teah and Tria, who made it hard to leave.

Held on the floor by too cute

Held on the floor by too cute

Theater is rarely done as robustly as the site specific immersive interactive event called Sleep No More. We wandered this set, pondering the Macbeth inspired performance.  The performance also sparked several communications about the next generation of theater.  Can we attain a high level interactivity between audience/participants and ensemble staff?  Can interactive theater be a creative engine for new urban communities?

There was so much more, but stuff beacons.  More later, perhaps.

[Edited by Judy Youngquest]


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