My cell and i dont agree on what is smart

i will confess, i have been acculturated to believe in science.  i start from a place of believing that my cell phone is doing what it is programmed to.  My experience says somethings else is happening.

it is for you

With my Android it was clearly the machine.  It always replaced Abigail with Gail Black, the phone number was Abigail’s but the picture, name and email were all Gail’s.  I would try to edit, the phone would toggle back.  At one point it had some strange soft ring going on. It would not stop, i turned off everything, including the phone itself.  The ringing continued.  I unplugged the battery and it finally stopped. Simply there was a ghost in that machine.

Even Fairies have cell phones these days

Even Fairies have cell phones these days

So i have gone to the dark side.  i got an iPhone.  Actually the hammocks business got me an iPhone as an upgrade to the Droid so that i could use the iPhone credit card slider for fairs.  Aubby cleverly (or perhaps obviously) got me a bumper car case for it, which has already saved my butt several times.  And i am pained to admit it, but it is a better phone.

Closed system wins

Closed system wins

No doubt the Droid is more programmable, but the iPhone is simply better designed.  If you are guessing how to operate it at any step, you are likely to guess right.  i don’t want to have to learn how my phone works, i want it to be figuring out exactly what it is that i want it to be doing next.

And even the iPhone has some annoying bug including apps you cant turn off.  i am told all these problems will be solved when i upgrade, except i’ve been locked out of my iTunes account.

We just seem to disagree on what smart is.

understand your market

understand your market

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2 responses to “My cell and i dont agree on what is smart”

  1. Scott Busby says :

    Android has gotten much, much better since 4.0. I have to say my 4.1.2 tablet is excellent. Also some vendors package android devices much better than others. I believe Samsung has some excellent droid phones and tabs. While google is far from benign, the android ecosystem is far more open and free than the Apple closed garden. Yes, apple tends to release excellent products, but their corporate behavior is horrible.

  2. Ed Zavada says :

    It’s worth noting that both Android and iOS are built on Open Source software; so in one sense neither are truly closed systems. You can download and examine the underlying OS software for iOS (Darwin) and the code for many of it’s parts, including the crucial web browser software. I’ve personally built my own version of the JavaScript libraries used by iOS (JavaScriptCore).

    And, of course, you can always jailbreak an iOS device if you want to install software that isn’t in the App store.

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