Unreliable, deal.

Part of the unrevealed Point A plan has to do with people working together who are previously unacquainted.  This calls me to draw on the perfect nag technology.  And specifically my instructions to those who wish to maximize my effectiveness in the context of mistakes.  Here is my council to them.

Perhaps this is better branding

Perhaps this is better branding

I am unreliable.  I say i am going to do things and then i don’t do them. This understandably annoys some people and causes distrust in others.  The rationale is i do more things than most, even when i don’t do everything i say i will.  But the excuses don’t really matter; what matters is how you deal with this problem i am causing.

The best way to deal with this is to accept this part of the reality and be open to the possibility that the best thing to do to get this particular thing done might well be to find someone else to do it after checking in about taking it off my plate.

failure lane and success drive

Alternatively, it may be something you/we really need me to do, then the best thing is to come from an understanding (not guilt tripping) place and work with me on new deadlines and perhaps additional allies or clever strategies to make it more accessible.  While sometimes embarrassed by my failures, i am almost always willing to talk about them and often willing to consider how to change course so that these tasks can be completed.

[Edited by Judy Youngquest]

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5 responses to “Unreliable, deal.”

  1. moonraven222 says :

    I appreciate how clear you are about this. You know yourself, admit your weaknesses, and then look for support around them. You’re a model for how we should deal with our imperfections.

    I hope you find your perfect nag.

  2. santalorena says :

    I’ve always appreciated when people have told me of their shortcomings, the ones that could affect me, up front. I can adjust my expectations accordingly, and I don’t get as bent out of shape when they live down to my expectations. I try to do the same for others. It really is about honesty and a commitment to try to improve.

  3. john Shepard says :

    I appreciate your efforts also, and I hope my short comings have not effected you or anyone inside the communities adversely also. It is better to come straight to the point than sitting back and complaining… something I definitely need to work on

    • paxus says :

      Dearest John:

      You have been a prince on that job site, really. Next time i need a hands on GM, no question i am coming to you.

      Paxus near Boston

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