Confetti: Funological Grade D

It was a comfortable and engaging New Years Eve party at Twin Oaks and a dense and gregarious New Years eve eve party at Acorn.  After years of trying i finally timed my sleeping right so i went to the eve eve party, stayed up late, slept late and then was able to go all night at the NYE party.  At 7:30 AM i was sweeping confetti, i did this until Abigail texted me to come to bed at 9:30.

pretty and oh so wrong

pretty and oh so wrong

Lots of people have been asking me for my grade for these parties.  You might not be familiar with this curious custom, but as part of the quasi-science of funology, we evaluate events on an academic letter range.  A passable party, where people say they “had a good time” garners a C grade.  A novel party, where at least some significant aspect has not been done before can ear a B grade.  And if you change someone’s life (hopefully in a positive way) you can merit an A grade.

If this party was demonstrating anything new it was that we can have a quite small and successful new years.  Besides the Acorners, there were perhaps 50 guests. By comparison some years back the New Years Eve party with the fuzzy tunnels we had 120 RSVPs.

Party adds Color

Party adds Color

We also had a different building then (despite it being in the same location), with much more space.  Tupelo has changed and we have a couple of babies in residence and a need to reduce the party impact in parts of the building.  [Something i failed at as room assignor actually, but that is another post.]  Also the Twin Oaks part of the Southern Exposure seed business is in the rooms above the chair shop and music room in Tupelo, dramatically reducing the amount of free space to put guests and functions into.

But in exit interviews with a number of party participants i asked “was that one of the 5 best parties you have gone to?” and most of the responders said it was and a handful said it was the best party they had been to and were thinking about community differently having come.  That for me as a community recruiter and a funologist is exciting.  Somehow without a novel aspect we managed to pull off an A- event, in my grading (and i am often accused of grade inflation).

it is not enough to look good

it is not enough to look good

But the new knowledge was in the “learn from our mistakes” column.  Confetti gets a D.  No one was hurt by it, but it was almost all downside.  I was somewhat skeptical before the event; it was slightly interesting at the New Year’s moment when there was quite a lot of it in the air.  But now 4 days later, even after cleaning it for hours, it is still everywhere, including at the houses of party guests who attended the party.

You won’t see it next year.

[Edited by Judy Youngquest]

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One response to “Confetti: Funological Grade D”

  1. tony lambiasi says :

    Kaya “Lux” once referred to glitter as the herpes of the craft world. I’d say that confetti can reasonably be labled the herpes of the party world.

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