The Great Wall

Izzie is 18 and learning Chinese, because it will likely be important in the 21st centruy


The Great Wall is the most inconsistent stairway i’ve ever climbed. And to state the obvious, the longest stairway i’ve ever climbed. The steps are all completely different heights, ranging from massive to microscopic. It’s pretty hard not to look down while your walking. If you don’t, you could potentially trip on a step you thought was as tiny as the previous one and this particular staircase is one you don’t want to trip on (unless you want to die of course).  I found that the portions of the wall that are so incredibly steep are a mixed blessing. On one side, they are terribly tortuous to climb. But on the other,  they force you to take a break from looking at where you’re putting your feet so you can admire the scenery around you. And of course, partake in that thing tourists like to do known as taking pictures…

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