Yoda in Paris – Online quizes

Clearly i don’t have enough to do in my life (not) because i have started dabbling in online quizzes.

Did you know there were nine types of Beyonce?

Did you know there were nine types of Beyonce?

The first one which grabbed my attention in a weak moment was the one which asked what city you should live in?  So i should have realized right away when the first question was about coffee and the second about contemporary music – where i did not know 7 of the 9 songs or even 4 of the 9 bands – that i was not likely to get great results from this survey.

fear of this is inversely proportional to age.

Fear of this is inversely proportional to age.

There is also a section on hastags – from which you are supposed to choose one to represent you.  I took #Sorry i am not sorry – which fits my anti-apology rap, but is likely a complete miss on what the right hashtag for me is (no tweaking options).  But even in hashtag land i feel like i am from a different time space continuum.  One of which is #YOLO (that i happen to know stands for You Only Live Once) or one other option was “#YOLO but only used ironically”.  I am confident i can’t tell the difference, i am such a third rate hipster.

Under Beyonce they offer 9 different models to choose from:

  • Super Bowl Beyonce
  • Secret Album Beyonce
  • Crazy in Love Beyonce
  • Who rules the world (Girls) Beyonce
  • Illuminati Beyonce
  • Single Ladies Beyonce
  • Destinies Child Beyonce
  • 22 Days Vegan Beyonce
  • Glastonbury Beyonce

So i do sort of follow Beyonce (though i missed the whole Jay Z thing).  But i don’t know the difference between these different performer identities.  So it is no surprise that this quiz put my real city as Paris.

City of Light Architecture

City of Light Architecture

I dislike Paris.  It is not a friendly city and if you don’t have a patient local guide who is in it because they care about you rather than for money or something, it is quite an expensive and somewhat frustrating city (excellent Subway though).  It is likely the last west European city i would actually go to.

I did better with the Star Wars quiz.  Which was offering to map your identity to one of the regular heroes of Star Wars. This service is free.  I got Yoda as my character, which is perhaps my aspiration.

yoda identity[Edited by Judy Youngquest]

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One response to “Yoda in Paris – Online quizes”

  1. Cara Ziegel says :

    I got C3PO, which i found oddly unpleasant.

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