Freegantown – epic Kids Play

If you are in the area (Charlottesville/Central VA) and you feel like you have some sense as to what community life is like, you should come see the Sunday Jan 26th performance of Freegantown (if you have not already missed it, this is likely today for you).

Rowan, Kaya, Zadek, Evan, Willow and Ezra in Freegantown - Circa 2014

Rowan, Kaya, Zadek, Evan, Willow and Ezra in Freegantown – Circa 2014

Willow (who’s full name is Willow Star Falcon-Flansburgh) plays the villainous ex-communard who goes off to work for  evil corporation Traitor Joes.  His name is Dark Star in the play.  This 30 minute performance, complete with a start up song with Evan on ukulele, is the best kid theater i have seen and some of the best theater to come out of the commune.

I won’t spoil the plot which teases all manner of commune customs and practices and includes blatant calls from the kids for more bandwidth in the community.   But I will say this performance is a bit of insider ball, if you know nothing about the communes, about our pocket dramas around guests or our practices around dumpstering food, you will miss some parts of the story.    None the less i would encourage you to come.

i will post more pictures (Hawina took some and Sky will tomorrow – all the Star parents are super proud this evening) and possibly get up the video of it.  Aubby did and amazing job writing mostly and directing the piece.  Ezra wrote and performed the musical accompaniment.

This could be the beginning of something big

This could be the beginning of something big

So be there ZK dining hall Sunday Jan 26th high noon – show starts on time.  There is no charge for this performance, and if you wanted to leave a donation, that would be great.

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2 responses to “Freegantown – epic Kids Play”

  1. newworldpractice says :

    Please please please post the video! Oh man, in such a moment of sadness that I’m not there. I love you all! Can’t wait to see it xxx marta ps: gimme details about your return to va after NYC, I want to consider coming back for vday. ❤

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