3 responses to “State of the Union”

  1. richard w. lisko says :

    listenning to o. talk about taking upon himself to uplift the poor middle class definitely resonated with stories i hear about the necessary secrecy concerning the tpp and his agenda to push it through without full disclosure to congress and the people. orwellian double speak it seems to me.

    drones are a big problem and thanks to the quakers here in philly i know of a new base here in horsham, pa getting set to go online. the schools here, of course, are failing and cld use a fraction of the money we will be spending on blowing up love here there and everywhere. can’t wait to see them flying overhead here. i remember bblanton’s words of wisdom taken from the inferno: abandon all hope, then do something.

  2. MILO says :

    what he said he was raising was the minimum on federal contracts. having worked on several federal contracts i can tell you that the wage is already well above the $10.10 minimum. so, obama raising the minimum means nothing. if he raised the scale wage to equal the rise in management salaries over the last 30 yrs minimum would be over $20.00. skilled labor would be over $70.00. this leaves absolutely nothing of substance in this speech. i didn’t listen myself. didn’t feel like putting up two hours of blatant lies. in my fantasy world the president delivers a SOTU address as outlined in the constitution: a report from the chief excutive to the legislature on the results of the past years legislation, and financial status of the government. the same boring stuff any ceo is required to report to the board.

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