The Joy of Lex

“The most interesting list is not the very long list of diseases where cannabis is an effective treatment.  The most interesting list is the impressive list where cannabis is the only effective treatment.”  And with this intro you are thrown into the colorful world of Lex Pelger.

Lex at Burning Man

Lex at Burning Man

A writer, scientist and world traveler, Lex believes that the way you change the world is by finding and telling the right stories.  His search for these stories has taken him to the slums of India, where he covered the struggle of Tibetans until his second arrest got him deported.

He hitched to Mexico and across the US which he calls the kingdom of fear.  He is a man of many loves.

In Asian fishing village

In an abandoned fort in Turkey

One of his major loves is the story of cannabis and its healing properties.  He says:

If Western medicine tells us anything about cannabis it’s that it cures, prevents & treats cancer. There’s abundant evidence in human trials across a wide range of cancer types that THC and CBD induce apoptosis in cancer cells. The cancer cells shut down their mitochondrial engines as the tumor shrinks and perhaps dies.

Lex at the ill fated Villages in the Sky BM camp in 2009.  Folding fingerbooks next to me.

Lex at the ill fated Villages in the Sky Burning Man camp in 2009. Folding fingerbooks next to me.

He is a most gracious host in Brooklyn, where several of us stayed after the last Point A meeting, along with half a dozen couchsurfers in his crowded 2 bedroom flat.

What has inspired this post is his most recent article in Ladybud magazine:  The War on Weed is a War on the Elderly.  If you have aging friends or parents or are concerned with issues of public health, i would strongly encourage you to read it.  But if you don’t have time, let me share the part i found most compelling:

Cannabis helps with so many basic problems of aging: it lowers inflammation across the body, lessening aches, migraines and arthritis. By itself, it’s helpful against pain and it enhances the other painkillers so a patient needs less addictive opiates with just a few puffs of pot. It eases nausea from chemotherapy, treats sleep apnea, raises bone density for osteoporosis and protects the GI tract. It prevents heart attacks and lessens the neurotoxicity of strokes if applied immediately (the federal Health & Human Services even has a patent for this cannabinoid neuroprotection. This makes it even more ironic when the DEA claims ‘no medical benefit’). For as yet unknown reasons, cannabis works especially well for movement disorders like Parkinson’s and the self-attacking autoimmune disorders like Crohn’s disease. Cannabis slows the viruses of herpes and HIV, the prions of Mad Cow disease and even destroys the MRSA bacteria in a test tube (this drug resistant staph infection now kills more people than HIV every year and we have no new antibiotics left to kill it – except for the cannabinoids from that wicked weed). Our brain overflows with cannabinoid receptors that protect against MS, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. Cannabis attacks and prevents cancer by several different pathways and it often eases depression.

Poster boy for a better world

Poster boy for a better world

My father died of Parkinson’s and the last part of his life was especially difficult.  With persistence and luck the stories Lex is telling will change the world to ease the pain and suffering of folks like my dad.

[Edited by Judy Youngquest]

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4 responses to “The Joy of Lex”

  1. FemmeFire says :

    So great. I testify to the efficacy of cannabis in the treatment of inflammatory pain/arthritis/Fibromyalgia, insomnia, GERD, chronic depression and anxiety from PTSD and so glad to have this amazing medicine easily available at my local dispensary now that I’m in my 50’s and managing these health issues. Prescriptions docs prescribed only made health worse, with plenty of side effects! I’ll stick to the natural herbs for the rest of my life. Hugs to you and Lex. Keep up the good works! Looking forward to that future visit I’m dreaming of.

  2. Cara Ziegel says :

    i’m sure i sound like a broken record – but the burning man picture, on the other side of you, is that Lion?

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