The police gave us this building – Freedonia Chronicles

“You almost never want to call the police.” Lark said.  He was part of the ragtag breakfast group in one of the buildings in Freedonia that they have managed to get legal control of.   Breakfast was a lovely mix of rescued vegetables and Twin Oaks vegetarian sausage.

Freedonia Breakfast

GPaul and Otter eat the yummy breakfast at Freedonia

“But this time it seemed like the right thing” he continued.  “The building beside ours had been broken into.  The boards were torn off the door and the door kicked in.  It looked bad and if we did not call the police, they were quite likely to think we did it.  So we called them.”

broken door

The police arrived, looked around, established in an unsurprised way, that the building was indeed abandoned and who ever broke in probably got nothing of value.  But he seemed unsure what to do with this uncared for property.

“We should probably lock the door.” Lark said to the officer.

“That sounds like a good idea.” Said the cop.

“Our lock.” Pushed Lark.

“i guess so, sure.” said the peace officer hesitatingly.

There was a pause as the squatter looked at the state representative for a moment.

“Can i get your name and phone number?” Lark asked.

That was two years ago.

We slept in that building last night, it is done up in squat chic these days.  Lovely political posters on the wall.  Windows repaired.  Furniture rescued from the street.  A surprisingly complete kitchen has been installed.  Turns out if you pay them, the power utility will give anyone electric.

On the back of the door there is the name and phone number of the police officer, with some graffiti tags and a nicely hand painted sign which says simply “thanks”

Not Freedonia at all, but the image captures some sense of it

Not Freedonia at all, but the image captures some sense of it

[Edited by Judy Youngquest]

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One response to “The police gave us this building – Freedonia Chronicles”

  1. richard w. lisko says :

    good story. smart people know how to work within the framework. they probably know too when to step outside of that frame.

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