Midnight Mumblings – an army of editors can not fail

I worry about European subscribers to this blog.  If you are a morning person in Europe (or an afternoon person in east Asia) who likes to read posts hot off the presses, you get a lot of what we call “dirty posts.”  These are the ones i put up often before my growing team of editors have gotten a chance to clean them up. “So why don’t you just wait until the editors clean them up before you post them?” This of course would be the reasonable approach.  But especially in the land of regular blog postings, my life does not work in reasonable ways.  On my impressive list of personal failings, when ranked for most self destructive first, near the top is procrastination. procrastination Were i to wait for my hardworking editors to clean up my work, my minimal incentive to get out a post nearly every day would unravel, and distraction number 241 would grab my attention and this blog, like so many other good ideas, would become a thing that i used to do.  [There is a  collection of tricks i play on myself to make this daily routine work which includes setting my wordpress clock to Newfoundland time, so my new day begins at 10 PM.] A significant part of the problem is that i am often so tired when i complete a post that my usual horrific grammar and spelling reach epic comic/tragic proportions.

the-end-of-grammar-and-spelling-comic Recently a dear comrade sent me this email:

paxus, i love you, and i love your blog posts, and still sometimes they are rife with errors that make them difficult to read. even with the lovely youngquest editing one of your last posts there was a typo in the title of the post. i imagine some of your devoted fans who happen to be grammar nerds are cringing as well. do you have any interest in having me as a backup editor? perhaps with a small team of helpful folks you’d end up with someone more or less ‘on call’ whenever you’re posting and your posts could still go out in a timely – and much more readable – fashion.

At the same time i got a similar offer from Vermin (an ex-Oaker and comic soap opera writer) to be part of my cabal of editors.  I am trying to complete posts with time  allowed for editing before they go live.  And i will, more formally, be requesting contributions again to this blog. What my friend could not know is there is a bug in WordPress/Facebook interface, once you make a mistake in the title of the blog, you can never get it corrected after you have saved and published it, at least in terms of how it shows up on Facebook.

So the fight against dirty posts continues. Stay tuned.

[All errors in this one are the fault of the author]

Update: [Edited by Judy Youngquest]

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a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

3 responses to “Midnight Mumblings – an army of editors can not fail”

  1. Bryonna says :

    I love so much about this post. As an English major I twitch at every error, but I understand the importance of getting your message out there. Yay to the editors!

  2. Cara Ziegel says :

    I read your posts on Feedly, usually in the preview mode on their site. I was wondering if the edits dont show up there, either. I usually read posts days or even weeks after they are posted, and I still often cringe or just need to take a few reads to figure out what was intended. Obviously since i run so far behind, I would not make a good volunteer editor, though.

    • paxus says :

      Dearest Cara:

      Thanks for your input. If you get the feed, i think you are stuck with the initial dirty post, unless you actually click thru to the current post (where hopefully be gone). One way you can tell is that if the links are red (instead of blue) then Judy or Vermin have already been at it (or someone else has proofed).

      And i am striving to post cleaner. Well see if that helps, certainly your dissatisfaction inspires me to do better.

      Paxus in Brooklyn
      15 Pregnant 2014

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