Community Quest: Finding and Building Collective Living Situations in NYC

What is the most interesting thing happening in NYC this weekend?  Perhaps it is Community Quest, a fusion of the Lessons from Occupy, Burner culture, Multicultural anti-gentrification work, and radical hospitality. This one day event aims to connect people who are seeking to join or start intentional communities with like minded others.  Members of established intentional communities in the NYC area will also be on hand to network and share their knowledge.

Squatters’ notice at C-Squat in the East Village Source

Other workshops include Squatting and Salvage, presented by Baltimore Free FarmSquatting in NYC, presented by Bill Di Paolo, Capital Doesn’t Care That You Feel At-Home Somewhere, and The Larger Community, IC Inter-Cooperation, and an Organized Foodshed.  The event will end with less structured time for networking and making allies.  A $5 donation at the door is suggested (additional donations are appreciated), and no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Community Quest is part of the Point A project.   Point A is working to develop a network of new and existing urban, income sharing, egalitarian, democratic, ambitious, and engaged intentional communities as a starting point on the road to a more humane, satisfying, and sustainable world for all.

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