New Transparency Tools Fingerbook

It was two years ago that i was granted a couple hundred dollars by the FEC to produce a fingerbook (small handbook) on the Transparency Tools which are in use at Twin Oaks, Acorn and now Ganas Communities.  As with many projects that i start and end up getting stuck, i needed help to finish this one and Marta was that help.

marta wheelborrow

Marta at Twin Oaks – Circa 2013

She decoded my cryptic writing, found a bunch of lovely images, corralled the copy into the complex fingerbook format and completed the whole thing before our recent Point A workshop series in NYC.


What is behind that mask?

The PDF for this newly released version of the transparency tools fingerbook is available here.

truth will set you free

It is worth pointing out that these are not principally therapeutic tools, rather these are ways that you can express who you are better and also build trust and intimacy.  Often there a therapeutic benefits from the use of these tools.  But this is more a positive side effect than being central.  Perhaps your group could use to have better communication and stronger trust, consider these tools as aids in this effort.

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