If you are in NYC today

If you are interested in new communities starting near NYC or DC then please come to Prospect Park in Brooklyn today (May 11) at 1 PM.  Inside this huge park we will be at the Picnic House, look for the balloons.  Here is the program and here is the Facebook RSVP.  This event is a potluck, so please do bring food.

As a special treat after the event around 5 PM Maya Solovey will sing and play music for about an hour.  She is an amazing local performer.

Maya and mic

The Point A project is roaring along.  There are new economic engines in renewable energy.  A workers coop in NYC is seriously talking about becoming income sharing and joining the FEC.  And the Point A crew in DC found a very interesting piece of “off market” land in the city, which we just might get donated.

All this and more today in Brooklyn.  If you can’t make it you can get more information by writing to info@frompointa.org

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