Identical Pictures on the Same Wall

One of the regular Point A heated discussions is around divergent approaches to resource sharing cultures.  There is the typical communard way of free access to shared goods and then the libertarian solutions of decentralized micro markets.  In home based hospitality services this is exemplified by (which is basically free) and (which are renting previously idle living space).

Unsurprisingly, my personal feelings are the more we can keep money out of theses systems the happier we will be with the cultueffects and social impacts.  And I am aware that these decentralized markets (where dynamic rents are exchanged) have tremendous appeal from both tenant and space owner.  In lovely compromise of these diverse systems, one Brooklyn friend  rents out his back bedroom via AirBNB and this pays the rent for the entire flat, and he camps out handful or more couch surfers in the living room, who are paying nothing,

or pay us

or pay us

One of the conventional after market sites on the internet is which I have found about average air ticket prices and good rental car and hotel prices.  In the case of hotel rooms, they don’t tell you the name of the hotel so as to not be in competition with the hotels own site.  Bryonna and I wanted to run away for her birthday to the beach,  I found an inexpensive two and a half star hotel near the ocean facing Virginia Beach.  It had these two picture on the wall.

These two pictures are precisely the same

These two pictures are precisely the same

It was a cheap hotel.  But I have to wonder, did they think they were putting up two identical pictures in this room and people would not notice, or not care. or would find it funny perhaps?

fewer than 1 in 10 of these shade structures or chairs was ussed

fewer than 1 in 10 of thesethe shade structures or chairs was used

On the other hand, this monopoly of beach furniture rentals produces high prices and tremendous wasted surplus.  The business makes money presumably, but that alone does not justify the resources used to create these items which is then mostly idle and inequitably distributed.  Another small example that capitalism is pushing us the wrong way.

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One response to “Identical Pictures on the Same Wall”

  1. Joan Mazza says :

    I would guess that the two copies of the same picture was just an error in the rush of getting rooms decorated. There is probably a companion frame to got with one of them and someone wasn’t paying attention.
    As for the beach chairs, that always irked me on Ft. Lauderdale beaches. Seemed too expensive for me to rent back then. I carried my own chair and umbrella (plus cooler, backpack with notebook, book to read, other stuff). In my retirement, I prefer to give away what I have to give and turn down payment when it’s offered.

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