Tripper Error

Doing the “Louisa Bus” which is also called the “town trip” is one of my favorite jobs for the communities.  This is the centralized shopping job in which a single person drives into town with a collection of requests from members as to the things they want purchased for them.  As one person recently described it i am the “personal shopper” for the entire community.

I love the job because i get to learn about things which i never knew about before.  I get to sort of do a favor for everyone who submits a request.  People are generally quite pleased when their request slightly magically turns up where they wanted it.  I get to go to the food bank and rescue pre-dumpstered food.  Most weeks i can do both communities town trips at the same time.  And i am pretty good at getting all of the requests (sometime terrifically under specified) correct.

Pretty good until yesterday.

Today is anniversary.  Twin Oaks is 47 years old and one of our customs is the traveling brunch, where multiple cooks in different kitchens prepare somewhat different meals all over campus.  The day before these festivities is a big day for the town trip, because all the cooks put in requests.

Ezra put in a request for “Brisket in a Tube”.  i had no idea what this was, but was, as usual, confident that people in the stores would know.  I asked the deli gal at Food Depot, no clue.  I asked the deli guy at Food Lion, he did not know but he gave me a large piece of brisket and i assumed the tube part was unnecessary.

When i gave it to Ezra he pointed out that it was not brisket that he was asking for but rather biscuits.  In my defense, Ezra does have quite exotic spelling and he had left out the “u” in biscuit, so my mistake was somewhat understandable.

Ezra's Brisket in a Tube for me

Ezra’s Brisket in a Tube for me

Later in the day i went back into town and correct my mistake.  Biscuits are out this morning.  And Ezra also just presented me we the above dish, with the cooked brisket in a toilet paper roll.  And while the deli staff may have never heard of it, but today we are pioneering new culinary delights here on anniversary.



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One response to “Tripper Error”

  1. Kelpie says :

    This is THE funniest tripper error ever made in the history of Twin Oaks! I had several good laughs with people over the course of the day. THANK YOU!!

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