Coffee Shame

i try to be quick with friends and recruiting prospects about the things they may not like about the community.  But somehow, likely because i don’t drink it, i forget to mention we don’t have public coffee at Twin Oaks.  So what often happens is my guest has a wonderful first day experience and wakes up the next day with sort of a romantic hangover from the lovely people, prosaic landscape, community spirit, charming distinct kids, exotic holiday, enviable life style, etc.

And then they ask where the coffee is.

No relevance, i just thought it was funny.

No relevance, i just thought it was funny.

Coffee is pricey and many people don’t drink it at Twin Oaks, some because they view it as a mind altering but legal drug.  But really the reason we don’t have public free coffee somewhere is that it is the last vestige of behaviorism.   We use “free” coffee to get people into the hammock shops and work in that one of our collective businesses.

So when my new friend Gryphon woke up this morning enchanted but seeking caffeine, i started running around seeking this peculiar tasting fluid.  As many hours i have worked in the hammock shop, i don’t feel quite right taking guest coffee from the hammocks business, so i seek out some generous member to let me bum a cup.  Which honestly was not hard.

But i realized that i have some coffee shame, it feels like a difference which runs over excited guests initial excitement about us.


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3 responses to “Coffee Shame”

  1. cybunny60 says :

    Coffee shame…I think that coffee is a lovely drug but nonetheless a drug, and a medicine. And one should be thoughtful about these things: is the coffee I am drinking enslaving an economy? Is it full of pesticides? Or does it come from a collective in Guatemala where your son just helped install solar? If the latter answer is yes, then open up the bright green bag with no label (No Logo agogo!) and heat the milk and drip that baby (remember, a #4 filter takes 6 coffee spoons to get that rich rich flavor my friends). And then consider: somewhere someone is tending a plant, watering it, picking it, selecting the good beans, roasting it, and all the while I hope they are imagining that somewhere, someone is sitting with a cup of coffee imagining someone tending a plant.

  2. keenantwinoaks says :

    Send them to Beechside! Says Kristen, who’s consensually hacked Keenan’s account.

  3. bnmng says :

    To some extent, everything is a drug. What about chocolate? What about cashews (which some people now think are anti-depressants). Its a matter of deciding where to draw the line.

    In the Coast Guard, coffee is readily available on ships and at stations, but at large commands (ie office buildings) there’s usually a membership driven coffee-mess, with a monthly fee or with members taking turns to keep it supplied. Coffee is usually available for non-members for a low price on a per-cup or per-day basis. Would that work for you?

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