Celebrating the Tea Party victory over Eric Cantor

In 2005 and 2006 i managed the catastrophically failed congressional campaign of Radical Honesty author and advocate Brad Blanton against Eric Cantor in the 7th district of Virginia.

Blanton arrested in Congress in 2012

Blanton arrested in Congress in 2012

During this campaign i learned a lot about Eric Cantor and how completely corrupt he was.  Quoting the Urban Dictionary,Eric Cantor is “possibly the most immature douchebag ever to grace the halls of congress.”  Last night in a stunning Tea Party upset, Cantor lost the Republican Party primary by 44% of the electorate to 55%.  That is a spanking.

One of the political encyclopedias declared district 7 to be the safest Republican district in the country.  That was written back when there was just one Republican Party.  The district is so politically red, that Cantor ran unopposed for one of his 7 terms.  Tonight a challenger with less than 1/10th the campaign funding of Cantor’s routed the second most powerful politician in the party.

VA District 7 a classic Jerrymander

VA District 7 – a classic Jerry Mander

This represents a fantastic political miscalculation by Cantor who won his last election by a margin larger than the total number of votes cast in this weeks primary.  Cantor spent too much time out of the district campaigning for other Republicans and raising money.  But before we forget Mr Cantor, who’s political career may blissfully be over.  Let’s look at how he performed as far as rating groups are concerned.

  • 0% rating from Alliance of Retired Americans (ARA), indicating an anti-senior voting record
  • 7% from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which means he is anti-civil and constitutional rights
  • 0% from the ALF-CIO indicating he is anti-labor
  • 0% from League of Conservation Voters (LCV), which means he is anti-environment
  • 92% from the Christian Coalition – a fundamentalist right wing group.
  • An “A rating” from the National Rifle Association (NRA),
  • 0% from The Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE), which means he wants more nuclear weapons and less control on their use.
  • 0% from National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL), he opposes abortion.

More disturbing is that Cantor had a 98% identical voting record with corrupt and convicted Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay

Look, we know we screwed up when we were in the majority. We fell in love with power. We spent way too much money – especially on earmarks. There was too much corruption when we ran this place. We were guilty. And that’s why we lost.

Cantor on why Republicans lost the Presidency and Senate 

And as terrible as David Brat is, i am thrilled he won.  For several reasons.

The Tea Party is Special

The Tea Party is Special

It means Tea Party is not dead, despite having done much more poorly this election cycle than in the last one, with this notable exception.   Which means the Republican party is still in danger of civil war.

It also means mainstream Republicans will not touch immigration reform (which was the hot button issue at the center of Cantor’s defeat).  This in itself if bad for the country, but it will likely cost Republicans at least the increasingly Hispanic state of Florida in the next presidential election, which could well cost them the White House.

It means that an entrenched, corporately controlled, corrupt, powerful politician has fallen and will be replaced by an extreme but freshman member of the House of Representatives, which bases much of it’s power structure on seniority.

Curiously, Brat’s opponent in the November election will be another professor from the same college.  Brat’s is expected to easily beat Democrat and sociology professor Jack Trammell.

Good bye Eric, you won’t be missed.


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4 responses to “Celebrating the Tea Party victory over Eric Cantor”

  1. richard w. lisko says :

    thank you for the good news, paxus.
    love, jbird in north carolina

    • paxus says :

      JBird – you mean North Caroline where they just made it illegal to reveal the poison chemicals used in fracking. I half expect you to end up doing time for that crime

      • richard w. lisko says :

        given i have only been visitting a cousin here for a week and today helped a man fill out a form, i can assure you i have been doing my time for some crime or another. i didn’t hear any voices raised nor notices posted in protest of this law, yet, unfortunately. i’m not sure about committing some act of non-violent direct action all by my lonesome. though, on the bright side, there is tomorrow, friday the 13th, a scare the hell out of durham’s managers and such ilk, by a demon stration at durham jail for their: 1) detaining of anarchists and eco-activists 2) a law prohibitting night time demonstrations, and 3) a law prohibitting the wearing of masks. is guy fawkes (from v is for vendetta) in the house? i suppose you may get your wish for me, though i feel like philadelphia is more my own battleground than here. ’tis better to run away and live to fight another day, is it not? whoa, time will tell…

      • paxus says :

        I personally would ditch NC, seems like it is going to the worst kind of dogs (except for Asheville perhaps)

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