The Best Present for a Kid

If you have a Dutch parent, you qualify for the rights of a Dutch citizen.  Every 5 years Willow and Hawina and i go to the Dutch Embassy in Death City and get Willow’s passport renewed.  Willow is a US citizen, with a US passport, but the Dutch are completely happy to issue an EU one, if the parents apply.  This is a no brainer.

The Dutch passport is actually a Schengen Treaty enabled EU passport.  You can travel between all the blue areas on the map below by just flashing an EU passport.

The largest federation in the world

The largest national federation in the world

There are multiple reasons for having a couple of passports, beyond the above listed convenience. The one most people are familiar with is traveling between hostile or warring countries.  Donning a Cuba passport stamp in a US passport can result in a visit from the FBI.  Should you wish to travel regularly between the Arab world and Israel, a second passport (even from the same country, which you can get by claiming you lost one) is advised.

Who says where you can go?

Who says where you can go?

But the real reason i want Willow to have a second passport is that if his life is at all like mine, there will be a moment when it is extremely useful.  This moment will be when he is traveling and some agent of the state thinks that they control him, because they have taken his passport.  Annoyingly confidently they will be leading him off to some undesired destination.  Having a second passport gives you the chance to look for an opportunity to depart from the foreign state agent and make a break for it.

Part of our home schooling is learning for when you can successfully make a break for it.

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4 responses to “The Best Present for a Kid”

  1. Gryphon says :

    Renewing my plan someday to marry someone with non-US (and non-Antarctican) citizenship, if only so my kid can have an easier time fleeing state agents.

  2. Cara Ziegel says :

    My canadian husband keeps saying he’ll get a canadian birth certificate for our son, but he’s 10 now, and so far, nothing.

  3. Jan Haverkamp says :

    Ahoj Paxus,

    You don’t have to flash your passport between Schengen countries if you have a Schengen passport. No-one has to flash a passport, because it is an open border area. The great thing is that a Dutch pass has relatively little visa obligations. You only have to flash your Dutch pass if you enter Ukraine, for example. Or the UK (which, as you could notice on the map, is not a Schengen country – contrary to Iceland, Norway and Switzerland who are in Schengen but not in the EU). The other great thing about a Dutch pass is Dutch consular services. They are awesome.
    I once lost my pass in the night train to Krakow, only noticed the next night in the train from Krakow back to Prague, was busted and put in a cell on the border (it was the time that neither Poland nor the Czech Republic were in the EU yet), and sent on the next train back to Krakow (of course only after 12 hours or so). All this happened, of course, on Friday night. Nevertheless, the consul of service at the Dutch Embassy in Warsaw opened up the Embassy for me to issue me a laisser passer, and we had a wonderful dinner together at his place after which he dropped me on my train back to Prague.
    I could have had a Czech pass (in which case I would have had to give up my Dutch citizenship, because I am not born in the Czech Republic), but I know the Czech consulate would have said “Wait until we open on Monday”…

    So let Willow keep his Dutch pass! Dutch citizenship is very useful, as also Bara can confirm.

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