Duke Energy embraces dirty energy–and the right wing

The nuclear PR machine pretends it like solar power, but really is doing what it can undermine it.


ncwarndukeflyer62614-1Former Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers talks a good game. He believes climate change is a real threat. He talks about the need for utilities to get on board with distributed generation and renewable energy and to begin now to change their business models to reflect those technologies.

Here’s a sample quote from a long article about Rogers and Duke’s future: “When you see technologies evolving that challenge your business model, you need to embrace them. You don’t want the utility industry to have a Kodak moment,” Rogers said. “You know, Kodak developed digital, but they couldn’t move away from their traditional way because it was their core business. The utility industry should embrace distributed generation, they actually should invest in distributed generation and be a competitor with everyone else.”

Sounds good. But in seven years as Duke’s CEO, Rogers didn’t succeed in changing much at the company. Just…

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