The Hunt for the Green Tortoise

Shal and i are going to visit Sequoia and Yosemite in September on the Green Tortoise Bus.

Green Tortoise Adventure Trip

Green Tortoise Adventure Trip

I am looking forward to this as much for the natural beauty as for the time with Shal, who is one of my oldest and dearest friends.  And as i was talking about this on the phone this evening, i was reminded of my early search for the Green Tortoise.

There was a time when the internet was young and a time when the Green Tortoise did not have permits for all the bus routes they were driving.  I remember talking with a Green Tortoise bus driver about this perhaps 30 years ago and he explained that the legal permits for bus routes were so prohibitive, that Green Tortoise could not cover the permit cost, because they did not do enough cross country runs per year.

So years back, before Facebook existed and when Amazon mostly sold books, i was trying to reconnect with the Green Tortoise for a friend who wanted to go cross country.  I banged the bus company name into google and only three entries came up, none of them was an official site.  And i wondered to myself  “Are they still underground because of this permit thing?” and decided to investigate further. I read one of the pages where the bus company was named, hoping to find contact information.

Sometimes your mistakes are telling

Sometimes your mistakes are telling.

There was no contact info.  But the more i read the blog post, the more i came to the realization “this writer has terrible spelling”.  Now any regular reader of this blog knows that if  i am spotting your bad spelling, they you have a serious spelling problem because it is something i almost never recognize, being borderline dyslexic myself.

But then i got to thinking, “if this person is such a terrible speller, and i am only getting three hits from all of the internet, then perhaps we are combining our poor spelling and i am searching for the wrong thing.” And when i checked, sure enough i had spelled “tortoise” wrong.

Putting in the correct spelling resulted in all manner of matches, including the ticket selling (and presumably legal) Green Tortoise official website.

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3 responses to “The Hunt for the Green Tortoise”

  1. anissa says :

    Oh, that had me laughing! Nice bit of internal dialogue/self knowledge/problem solving there Pax! x

  2. Loki says :

    I traveled from SF to Portland on this bus and met a neat guy while we were at it. We are still friends after 30 years. The Tortoise stopped at a hot spring in OR just over the northern Cal. border, for a break. The spring was hot all right but shallow–loved the ride and the folks traveling along. Great way to travel. There were no seats but a gigantic mattress covered platform one could lounge or sit up on with part of the windows available to see the passing scene. Loved sunset over the coast range.

  3. Gryphon says :

    Sounds like a fabulous trip! I might have to take a Tortoise ride myself someday.

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