Do Scarecrows work?

During my many years living on the commune, i have never seen a scarecrow, until last week.

Perhaps the shiny CDs make the difference

Perhaps the shiny CDs dangling from the arms make the difference.

So I asked recently while I was hanging out at Acorn about the efficacy of scarecrows.  What I did not know was that crows are some of the smartest birds out there, and while scarecrows quite likely will not be fooled by it, other problematic birds quite likely will be.

According to Cracked Magazine (is this a reliable source?) crows have been found to make crude knives from leaves and grass and then use those knives to fashion other tools.  National Geographic goes on to discuss crows using vehicles and traffic lights to break nuts and retrieve them safely.

crows scary

Scarecrows are not scared of a scarecrow as the name leads us to believe, but they are still potentially useful for the much larger number of birds, who are not as smart as crows.

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3 responses to “Do Scarecrows work?”

  1. Gryphon says :

    Holy shit. Remind me to be super nice to any crows I meet. They could be useful allies.

  2. tamara atkins says :


    I believe your alma mater has a world class lab for ornithology –
    and I think some of the research done at Cornell has produced
    many findings on how smart crows really are. Really amazing !
    The world’s “greatest bird” . . .

    In answer to your query “Do Scarecrows Work?” let me just say
    they most certainly do. If, however, they fail to produce the
    standard 42 hours of labor quota per week ( ongoing ), then
    they should be asked to leave the community . . . . .


  3. Jan Haverkamp says :

    As far as scare crows go, there is no better description than the first chapters of the novel “Hundejahre” or “Dog Years” from Nobel Laureate Günther Grass, where he describes a wonderful scare crows production line in the mouth of the Wisla River, just East of Gdansk here 🙂

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