fuck the police

because Sara Tansey is a badass, that’s why

narcissism for the dubiously modest

this weekend i took the kids to visit my sister in DC. we were in the car and the kids were asking how long it would take us to get where we were going. we told them 20 minutes, unless we got stuck in traffic or lost, etc. what we didn’t anticipate was getting pulled over.

i hadn’t even noticed the cop car behind us until it flashed its lights and blew its sirens. i assume that my 8 y/o son didn’t either, though i dont know for sure. at first we didn’t realize it was us they were pulling over. but we figured it out and pulled 1908067_747129632018709_7864569770200059818_ninto some parking spots on the side of the street.

i have kids who say “fuck the police” when they see them passing by in their cars. and elijah had already revealed that he’d given this particular cop car pulling in behind…

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4 responses to “fuck the police”

  1. Ed Zavada says :

    Meh. Personally I don’t think stereotyping individuals is “badass”.

    She made assumptions about the people in the car because of the job they were doing, and has taught her children to make expressions which could easily be understood as hate.

    How is this any different than the police assuming an individual is in breaking the law because a long haired hippie or black?

    Be the change you want to see in the world.

  2. Benjamin Adlinae says :

    Starting a conversation with someone you don’t know and have never met with “fuck you” is about as nice as assuming a woman wearing a short skirt is a prostitute.

    • paxus says :

      Dearest Bejamin:

      This is a nice try, but it actually fails as an effective analogy for several reasons.

      First, there is a real problem with people who are wearing these uniforms gunning down unarmed blacks in the country. You presumably dont care about this problem, perhaps because you are not black. Institutionally, virtually nothing has been done about this, with the exception of a handful of towns which are now requiring cops to wear front viewing cameras – which have resulted in a tremendous reduction in the complaints about police behavior.

      The second place where your analogy fails is that there is not a problem with you assuming a woman in a short skirt is a prostitute. This is part of your own mental construction and it makes no difference to them unless you express it. If you offer them money for sex, you will likely get an unpleasant reaction, which you would of course deserve. The police on the other hand have tremendous influence on the behavior of other police. If we collectively push back and say this behavior is unacceptable and all police will pay socially for the bad behavior of a few, then the internal support for this behavior will wain. This is how attitudes about racism changed in this country. What used to be supported or ignored by racists, became something which was not appropriate and commented on.

      And finally, instead of trying to troll for an upset response, why dont you propose something which can actually be done about this lawlessness problem among state agents. It is the tag line for this blog after all.

      Paxus in Tarrytown NY
      11 ANimals in Heat 2104

      • Benjamin Adlinae says :

        You sound really mad. I think that actually proves my point. No one has a meaningful conversation that starts with “fuck you.” I do care about people being gunned down and I think it’s sad that you feel that my reluctance to pigeonhole all police as being deserving of “fuck you” instead of a “hello” indicates that I agree with people being killed.

        My analogy is not a perfect one but was meant to indicate that it is wrong to draw a bunch of conclusions about a person in just a glimpse. That can be assuming a person in a cop uniform is awful because they have a cop uniform, assuming a person is a sex worker because of a short skirt, or assuming a person with dark skin is a threat or assuming I am white because of — wait, why did you assume that? Not sure.

        Don’t you think that giving someone the finger before you have even properly met them is trolling for an upset response?

        For bad behavior of all kinds I recommend the same boring solutions. Get to know the people you can get to know. Assume they have a pov of their own. Find out why they act the way they do. See if it is possible to meet the person half way. Some towns have police tht ride bicycles, that seems to create more productive conversations. If you don’t have a lot of time to start a similar program, stop by the local station and invite someone to dinner saying that you want to discuss $topic and then stop and really listen to what they have to say.

        I refer you to a favorite scene in Schindler’s List. In it there is a train full of Jews and they are stuck at the station baking under a hot sun. They are desperate. The nazis are laughing and amused and terrible. Schindler outwardly shows that he thinks their cries are funny, but he suggests that it would also be funny to turn the water hoses on the trains and this happens. The overheated people are able to drink some water and the trains are cooled off. This example stayed with me because I noticed that there were too options, getting angry and indignant or actually helping the hot people.

        Always find a way to give a thirsty person water.

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