Sadly not Ello

i want a Facebook alternative.  i have been talking and writing about this for years.  Some folks pointed me towards Ello and asked if i thought it might fit the bill.  At first glance the propaganda seemed right, but the functionality was a bit thin.

Ello smile logo

Ello smile logo

Then it turns our that they have taken $425K in venture capital funding.  This is the kiss of death.  VCs need at least 20 to 1 return on investment for their successful projects and they usually get this by having tremendous control over the running of the start up.  The chances that the VCs will let this be an ad free/user driven social network are vanishingly small.

There is clearly a demand for an alternative to Facebook.  This is just not the answer.

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5 responses to “Sadly not Ello”

  1. santalorena says :

    I have to point out, it’s Ello *Beta*. I haven’t researched, but I don’t think it was meant to be launched so soon; they’re just getting bombarded because of Fascistbook’s real names witch hunt.

    I’m not impressed yet, but I have patience. Let’s wait and see. In the meantime, let’s not expect it to be the answer to all our social media desires.

    Might it become profitable and provide a return on investment if they charge users, even a small amount? I know a lot of people who are willing to pay a reasonable amount to use a fully functioning social media service, if it means their privacy will be protected.

  2. richard w. lisko says :

    i suspect we will have to go with mental telepathy and bouncing our signals off of the moon.

  3. WhyAmITheThird? says :

    Google accounts is all I can say. Or just go back to myspace lol. Then again there is a social media site called
    I used to use vampirefreaks but has kind of “died” over the years. I don’t think you would use it.

  4. anissa ljanta says :

    Yup. Disappointing. Then there’s the lack of transparency in fessing up about the VC funding…they made themselves sound like small independent, working out of the back bedroom kinda styles. Disappointing.

  5. amazon says :

    This looks more promising…

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