Details on October 18th Community Matchmaking event in Brooklyn

We are excited that you are considering coming to the Community Matchmaking event we are organizing at the BUZ at 778 Bergen St in Brooklyn on October 18th. This email has several things in it

  • Schedule of events
  • Suggestions for the Potluck Brunch
  • Fictitious (almost correct) workshop descriptions
  • A bit about the Point A project which is hosting the event.

10 to noon Potluck brunch and discussion of workshops

12:30 to 1 Discussion about Point A in NYC and what we have learned so far

1 to 2 Meet The Communities/Collectives session

2 to 3:30 first workshop block – the one we are asking you to be in

3:30 to 4 Group discussion and harvesting actionable stuff from w/s block if any

4 to 5 community speed dating

5 to 5:45 free networking

5:45 til 6 next steps and evaluation.


Pot Luck Brunch – This optional get together before the content portion of the event would happily help feed you. Please do not bring bagels or coffee (we have that covered) or salsa and chips (since folks always bring that). Please do feel especially encouraged to bring vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Workshops – These are approximations of what workshops will be given by which of our many allied groups. Actual content may vary.

Can a residential worker collective become a commune? [Presented by the 3B collective – Brooklyn Bed and Breakfast] Workers collectives are critical alternative economic engines for community business. The success of the 3B collective should be inspiring to other folks interested in breaking out of the regular work-a-day world.

screaming-fear face and hands

Should community be afraid of artists? [Presented by someone from Flux Factory] A huge fraction of New Yorkers consider themselves artists. And many collective projects have collapsed because artists involved needed to extract themselves from the group effort to pursue their artistic vision. What at the possibilities for collaborative art? How can collectives embrace artists?

How do you income-share in NYC? [Presented by someone from Ganas Community on Staten Island] One of the few income sharing communities in NYC tells the story of what they did to succeed and the current challenges they face.

How to Start an Eco-Village [Presented by folks from the forming Catalyst Ecovillage in Warwick NY] What are the important trade offs in designing an eco-village? What assistance programs are available to help finance forming eco-villages? What design principals and decision making systems have worked well?

swarm theory

Swarms to find housing: lessons from occupy [Presented by James Andrews of OWS] Bees and Ants have complex systems for finding or relocating hives. These models have useful lessons which were being investigated and modified for humans towards the end of the Occupy.

Free Schools & Kids learning in Community [Presented by Go Collective and Twin Oaks Community Unicorn School] Is curriculum optional? Can student directed learning prepare kids for state required standard of learning tests? What does homeschooling look like from inside an intentional community.

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