How to Steal an Election

If you have never heard the name Greg Palast, you have likely dodged the ugliest tales of institutional voter fraud in the US.  Palast is an investigative reporter for Al Jazeera America, who used to work for the UK Guardian and the BBC.  In his book “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” Palast details how Bush and then-Florida Secretary of State Kathrine Harris successfully stole the 2000 Florida election for Bush.

Protests against voter disenfranchisement before the last US election

Protests against voter disenfranchisement before the last US election

Well, Palast is back (actually he never went anywhere, he predicted the voter fraud in the US leading up to the most recent elections) with some of his most damning accusations to date.  Specifically, that a little-discussed voter fraud prevention system called Interstate Crosscheck gave Republicans control of the US Senate.

Nationally, Interstate Crosscheck blocked 7 million people from voting simply because they had the same first and last name as someone else.   Palast points out why this benefits Republicans:

The program’s method of identifying and purging voters especially threaten the registrations of minority voters who are vulnerable because African-American, Asian-American and Hispanics are 67 percent more likely than white voters to share America’s most common names:  Jackson, Washington, Lee, Rodriguez and so on.

In North Carolina, 190,000 people were blocked from voting.  The Republicans took that Senate seat election by 48,511 votes.  In Colorado, more than 300,000 voters were prevented from casting their ballots.  Republican Gardner took the Senate seat by only 48,000 votes.  These two races alone represent a four-seat swing for the Republicans in controlling their tiny Senate majority.

You would be happy too if you could remove enough votes to insure your win

You would be happy too if you could remove enough votes to insure your win

The especially disturbing truth is that this system which blocked more than 7 million votes did not actually find a single case of multiple voting, which is exactly what it was supposedly designed to do.

Cry America; your fragile democracy has been sold to the highest bidder.

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One response to “How to Steal an Election”

  1. Logan says :

    If election day were to become a national holiday, things would be a little better at first, and maybe substantially better down the road. It’s a first step. I say let’s go for it.

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