“Hacking” Facebook

If you really knew me you’d know that I never log out of facebook, and that I’ll steal your hamburger when you’re not looking.

Is what my facebook wall said, but i did not write it.  Earlier in the day at Acorn, i had discovered a hamburger in the conspiracy office.  It seemed an odd place for a hamburger, sitting on top of the low file cabinet.  i asked the people in the office, who had no knowledge of it.  I asked the cooks in the neighboring room. still no clues.  The lone person in the down stairs living room was also uninformed about this abandoned burger.  i ate it.


So busted

Turns out it was Mac‘s.  She had only left the burger for a few minutes (she claims) and my timing was terrible, or perfect depending on who you ask.  We spoke about it.  It was funny, it is one of those things which might happen in community – if your community is unfortunate enough to have people like me in it.  But later when i left FB open on one of the public computers she jumped on, she put out this funny line, making fun of me and transparency tools (“if you really knew me”) and my burger theft.  This seems a lovely response of my bad log out behavior.

One of the many things we share in commune life is computers.  While many individuals have personal computers, both Acorn and Twin Oaks have a number of “public computers” which are available to anyone who wants to use them.  i use these all the time.  And the nature of my life is that i also jump up from them all the time, to get a phone call, to respond to someones request of me, because i hear a song in the other room i want to dance to.  i dont always log out of everything i am logged into.

This has resulted in some funny blog posts by Belladonna Took including:

i twerk this badly

i twerk this badly

If you have not read these posts and need a laugh, i would encourage you to check them out, they are definitely some of the funnier entries on my blog.  And Belladonna, who is one of the few people in the world with surplus creativity, is happy to bang such things out when ever she finds my WordPress account open.  Though these days this is less often, since she is starting a new community on Staten Island across the street from Ganas which is affiliated with Point A.

Don’t let anyone tell you Facebook is simple.  It can be addictive, it is often petty, it can reconnect you with lost friends,  it also can have terrific blow back in which people lose jobs and friends and relationships, it can invade your privacy, it can allow you tell lots of people things quickly, it begs all kinds of questions about who your “friends” really are (does it include all your family? your colleagues at work?  your boss?).  Facebook is many, many things – but simple is not one of them.

Who are your real friends?

Who are your real friends?



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