5th Anniversary – 3 Hopeful Posts

WordPress has an internal trophy case where it shows you things like the number of posts you have put up (over 1200 in this case), the number of people who subscribe to your blog (currently about 100 thru WordPress specifically) and the anniversary of your blog- which apparently is 5 years right about now.  It does not give me trophies for the number I seem to care about most, which is total page views.  In the next month I am going to hit 500,000 – which pleases me muchly.

it is all about the traffic

It is all about the traffic

There are three stories in the mostly mainstream media (MSM) about which I am excited – had I more time, I would do posts on each, but there are budding new communities which are beckoning and my attention is drawn there.  But because I find all these stories to be hopeful, I thought I would point them out.

Dick Cheney is the worst of what America has to offer as a politician.  He is deeply corrupt, selecting himself as Bush’s VP candidate when he headed the VP selection committee, giving Halliburton billions in fraudulent Iraq War contracts when he had millions of dollars of their stock (in a blind trust) as VP.   He shoots his friends in the face and then makes them apologize for being in the way.  And of course torturing people.  A practice which demonstrably yields almost no useful information and is ethically reprehensible.



Near the top of my list of disappointments with Obama is that he gave the entire Bush administration a pass on being responsible for their illegal actions.  And after the shocking pictures at Abu Ghraib it seemed like the US was happily willing to forget these “boys being boys” despicable incidents.  Now on the heels a brand new report reminding us how bad Cheney was even the NY Times is calling for an investigation.

One year after legalizing recreational use of marijuana, Colorado has become a lawless hellscape. Tax revenue is up.  Crime is down.  The citizens overwhelmingly approve.  All the dire predictions were wrong.  Just like they were about Portugal’s similar but more far reaching experiment.

You are in the right place

You are in the right place

And finally, the Washington post did a lovely puff piece on our industrious seed business.

seed palace

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One response to “5th Anniversary – 3 Hopeful Posts”

  1. Logan says :

    A factoid about ole Dick that everyone should know: during the Vietnam War, a company named “Brown and Root” gave to LBJ’s political campaign. Later, “Brown and Root” got a contract to build bases, or some such, in South Vietnam. “Brown and Root” is now a subsidiary of Halliburton, Dick’s old company. History repeats itself?

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